Please assistance! Was We are Scammed? (gomltd). About four weeks ago I paired with a girl on Tinder

Please assistance! Was We are Scammed? (gomltd). About four weeks ago I paired with a girl on Tinder



I’m sure NOTHING about trading and I require some individuals who do know for sure about any of it to PLEASE assist me see if Im or otherwise not, or possibly becoming scammed…please read on.

Sorry for all the wall of text!

After a few days we began talking, gone to live in making use of WeChat, and it also works out that she resides in Hong-Kong and work in financial management review, for a company around.

After about each week, whilst chatting she delivers myself a screenshot of a financial change graph (which I today discover was from MetaTrader4) and she requires myself: “Can you check out this?”

Screenshot 1:

I pointed out that it have BTCUSD within and that I stated anything about Bitcoin that I have got 0.3 of back in 2011 lol, but i’ve which has no more knowledge about that stuff. so we discussed that for slightly.

Over the a few weeks, we chat like normal and the subject comes up every once in a while, rather gently on how much she actually is making (she sent myself 2 screenshots of savings she produced regarding era we were chatting, with schedules, both with well over $20,000 profits) as well as how i possibly could earn money as well, quite easily.

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Therefore, after a week of this kind of chat (around 14 days as we began talking)

I ask the lady just what site she utilizes to exchange and tells me getting MetaTrader4 to my mobile, therefore I carry out, and she says she’ll assist me learn to trade.

To get a trial profile ready to go she allows me make use of the login facts on her outdated demonstration profile that this lady dealer provided the woman.

***Please note the Image where she demonstrates me personally simple tips to opened an innovative new account generally seems to reveal that she by herself is utilizing a demonstration accounts (but I am not sure, have you any a°dea?) – despite showing screenshots of her amazing profits within the earlier few days. But once more, I am not sure.***

Screenshot 4:

The trial account is loaded with $50,000USD to experience with

Later that night she offers me a quick information and after a few laughs I’m willing to shot trading. We go through the package stream and I get rid of $168 haha.

So inside the days after this development, she contacts me personally nearly every weekday with term from their analyst that there is a great deal opportunity coming normally within the next hours or so.

She’d submit me personally information like “Forecast upside target 5305, purchase”

Therefore after a slip-up or two, around in my VERY FIRST MONTH we made profits like $311, $6,273 $21,720, $12,230 etc etc

Even when this is exactly all taking place we talk frequently about several things and apparently access well.

She shows that We open an actual membership but despite the fact that I am making these pretend profits I still you shouldn’t actually know what I was creating with respect to Stop Loss, Grab Profits, Devices, How-to take a look at Graphs etc etc, so most of my personal discounts feel just like best of luck therefore I point out this to the lady that I Have To read more….

Thus subsequently she informs me she is going to ring the MT4 manager at the girl broker and therefore she will set myself in touch with the lady. Which she really does via WeChat.

During deals over 3-4 time this Mt4 manger specialist individual tutors me really fleetingly about many of the activities I don’t know about and I also create a couple of money saving deals and close earnings round the $10,000 – $20,000 selection.

This monitor shot was my personal full bargain records:

Screenshot 6:

By now my sense of “it is too good to be true” try ringing hard.

The MT4 manger asks basically’m still eager to start a genuine membership and I also go with they and say yes so she delivers myself a loan application to complete.

We state “I’ll reply in a few days”

At that time we google their site. it looks kinda dodgy but claims its controlled of the NFA but I am not sure just what that means while the site is only about 6 months old.

By this energy i am even more dubious, and worried that I ‘ll sign up and invest merely to have actually my fortune suddenly (or gradually) changes and shed all my money and initial woman I found will unexplainably go away completely.

So now, i will be at somewhere in which I don’t know where to find aside if this sounds like actual or these people are merely wanting to fleece myself among others of my hard earned cash.

I really don’t actually know what questions i will want to know or all of them.

It seems to good to be genuine, but maybe their simply a beneficial chance exclusively timed with bitcoins recent upturn (we started chatting before it took off again.)

Can a broker manipulate facts on a trial membership to manufacture myself consider this will be a yes thing? i.e. ready the rise and trip, provide myself a forecast then i near once they state and it looks real?

Exactly what can I do to ascertain if this sounds like a fraud or a genuine options?

What questions can I query?

Ought I email the specialist and ask them some thing?

What can you will do?

Keep in mind, I’m sure absolutely nothing of investing.

Thank you in advance for scanning this far and any guidance or enjoy you are able to offering!


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