Through the track with the industry, from legal for the swimming pool, excellence drives our every step and actions

Through the track with the industry, from legal for the swimming pool, excellence drives our every step and actions

Guys for in accordance with other people

Guys for with Others

Exactly Why Loyola

Loyola encourages their students to be people of belief, scholarship, service and leadership, offering all of them with an academically demanding, four-year college preparatory knowledge to graduate ready for schedules of leadership and provider on their people.

Care for the Entire Person Cura Personalis



A Loyola training will challenge your, working for you establish morally and intellectually, giving you into the world while the man God produced one to feel.

The Jesuits should be recognized for her universities, colleges and higher institutes. As educated of the Jesuits, a Catholic purchase founded 500 in years past by St. Ignatius Loyola, suggests obtaining top training possible. That customs keeps at Loyola, where 99 per cent of your graduates pursue advanced schooling.

Loyolas administrators, teachers and team inspire and build crucial thinkers. This educational quality leads to a community of innovators and poets, journalists and professional athletes, management and musicians.



From track for the area, from courtroom on swimming pool, superiority drives our every move and activity.

As a student-athlete at Loyola, you will definitely grow the main features of self-esteem, character and sportsmanship to be a commander.

You are going to join fellow Cubs on over 35 teams such as baseball, football, cross-country, drinking water polo, football, golf and lacrosse among others. You certainly will enjoy with Loyola activities groups that have won over 71 California Interscholastic Federation title (CIF) brands, aside from the greatest prize, the Commissionera€™s Cub, for having the best as a whole boysa€™ athletic regimen in Ca.

Spirituality and solution

Spirituality and Service

Loyola high-school inspires youngsters to be men of scholarship, faith and service.

The Jesuit sloveniandate philosophy of teaching your whole individual a€“ muscles and soul a€“ permeates Loyola these days. Through your four many years at 1901 Venice Boulevard, you need to agree 140 days to people services and several of you will contribute almost 200. You are labeled as to-be guys of motion that effect through provider and reflection.

Prior to now 20 years, Loyola pupils have committed over 1.7 million many hours to society service, culminating for the nationally respected Senior Service venture. It is the just society service regimen of its kind in south California in which, during a three-week years, Loyolas seniors concentrate on giving back again to the city as volunteers at inner-city hospitals, special-education education, soups kitchens, facilities for battered female and shelters. College or university programs and researches are placed aside as they run six- to seven-hour weeks. Numerous seniors think that it is the capstone of the four age at Loyola. To date, over 11,000 Loyola seniors have completed this life-transforming event.

Existence at Loyola

Lifestyle at Loyola

You will end up questioned. You are going to grow. You’ll learn. You’ll achieve. You’ll end up examined. You will definitely check out. Could thrive.

Whether their run for pupil Council, participating in all of our nationally-recognized address & argument employees, creating for our award-winning guides, signing up for a above 70 scholar groups or becoming an on-air characteristics for our Broadcast nightclub, theres a Loyola for you personally. There is certainly a Loyola for all.

Cubs for Life

“Loyola was a place of private, scholastic and spiritual gains. We fostered lifelong friendships, discovered to get a caring frontrunner and offered my personal area with unconditional admiration and empathy. My personal four age as a Cub always affect anyone Im nowadays.”

“At Loyola I was pressed not to be afraid to ask difficult inquiries, challenge responses, and explore the unfamiliar. This enjoy enjoys assisted me personally develop into a well-rounded man ready to take on the escapades the future enjoys waiting for you.”

“Loyola has permitted my personal associates and us to see the need for frustrating ourselves in teachers, athletics alongside tasks, while nevertheless being able to enjoy in high-school. Loyola motivates you to come out of our own convenience areas and to challenge our selves to try something new, whether that be in the form of signing up for newer clubs or providing back once again to the city. Although Loyola are someplace of short-term academic rigor, the ties made here are lifelong.”

“My short-time at Loyola keeps allowed us to experience a myriad of issues. Ia€™ve already been consistently questioned both physically and mentally through academics and athletics. Furthermore, We have generated incredible, long term friends, unique connectivity with professors and staff members, created as a leader and also have had the oppertunity to connect with my faith on a deeper amount than I had before going to Loyola. Within my head, what set Loyola apart may be the loving community. Regarding the one-hand, little arrives quickly, but, conversely, no one wants to see individuals crash. Anytime I struggle, you’ll find coaches, coaches, and friends which can be more than willing to help myself; and I securely believe that’s what helps make Loyola High School so special.”


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